Now THAT’S great marketing

Posted on February 18, 2015


great marketing with jessica smith
As we are having our 4th big snowstorm in two weeks, I am really, really enjoying my Jessica Smith workouts.  Jessica lives and films her workouts in Florida.  It is so nice to see palm trees, pretty water views, boats and pelicans.  I can pretend that I am somewhere warm.  Maybe I should write a blog post about white sand, bright sunshine and warm ocean breezes.

Instead, I turn my thoughts to marketing.  It’s a crowded space out there.  How do you make your company and your product known?  Jessica Smith has done a marvelous job of that.

Jessica provides free YouTube workout videos. She does it all: weight training, cardio, yoga, stretching. She adds new videos at least weekly. She doesn’t advertise. I found out about her via word of mouth.

Since I sit hunched over a computer all day, I was looking for something to get me up and moving at the end of the day. I didn’t want anything too hard, since I had already done my intense workout first thing in the morning. Jessica’s YouTube workouts were just the thing! Besides Jessica’s smiling face, there’s her adorable little bulldog, Peanut, who makes a cameo in almost every workout.

When I got an email from Jessica introducing her new DVDs, I didn’t hesitate to buy them. I knew her work; I like her work; I trust her; I wanted to support her.

One of the DVDs was defective, so I wrote to Jessica. I received an immediate reply from her stating that she has put a new DVD in the mail and there was no need to return the defective DVD. How cool is that?

Jessica has got it right on so many levels.

1. Great content.

By providing free workouts on YouTube, people can see Jessica’s work. Not only does Miss Jessica provide free workouts, she frequently gives us rotations using all of her free videos.

2. Understands her customers.

Jessica is on YouTube. She knows that folks who use YouTube are most likely on other social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, so that’s where Jessica posts a lot of interesting content.

3. Authenticity.

Jessica is just so nice and sweet and funny. You feel as though it’s just you and her working out together in your living room. Seeing her interact with Peanut makes her seem very human. Her Q & A Wednesdays give people a chance to ask questions. Jessica is very open about sharing her earlier struggles with healthy eating.

4. Philosophy.

Working out with Jessica isn’t about getting a “bikini body” or looking great, she stresses you should exercise to feel good, get strong and healthy.

5. Trustworthy.

Jessica wants you to love her product and will make sure you do. If you have a problem, she will make it right. In her message back to me, she asked that I let her know if I ever had any more problems with her DVDs.

I wish Miss Jessica and Peanut much success!

Cute Peanut photo is from Jessica Smith TV.