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Merry, merry Christmas!

December 28, 2022


I love the Christmas season. The lights and decorations are so pretty. I especially love putting up our Christmas tree. All of our ornaments have a story behind them. The Ken and Nancy snowmen were bought in Weston, Vermont, during one of our many trips to Vermont. The Santa in a kayak,on the upper left, […]

Let’s talk about souvenirs

November 16, 2022


I love having momentos of our trips; they don’t have to be anything fancy. This time in Vermont I got some good ones. The beautiful wood bowl was handmade by a 95 year old man from New Hampshire. We picked up this gem at the Chester Fall Festival. The pretty tea ball with a dragon […]

Eating our way through Vermont

November 9, 2022


Sure, we had an active vacation here in Vermont, but we also enjoyed some yummy food. Um, we may have enjoyed a LOT of ice cream. It was made here in Vermont and just went down so easily. The first quart was our old favorite, salted caramel truffle. We then branched out to try, Wilson’s […]

Chester Vermont revisited

November 2, 2022


We couldn’t come up to Vermont without a stop at the Chester Fall Festival on the Green. What better way to enjoy quintessential Vermont than by being at a Fall Festival? It was fun just to walk around and enjoy the day. The pace of life is slower in Vermont and it is nice. Except, […]

Till the cows come home

October 26, 2022


Nothing says “Vermont” like cows. I was very happy this time that we saw many cows in our travels. On the way to Grafton to get our cheese, we came across Mom and babies. I made Mr. Ken stop the car so we could capture the moment. Across the field the owner was sitting on […]

The view

October 19, 2022


We returned to Dorset, Vermont and did the Gettysburg Quarry hike again. It was so much easier this time since it was cooler. The view from the top is to die for. Aside from being out in nature, we met some interesting people on the trail. One woman, a Dorset native, told us about some […]

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

October 12, 2022


We took a hike around our favorite place in Vermont, Lowell Lake State Park. We can walk to this beautiful area from where we were staying. So we are out hiking and we come upon a paw print in the mud. Mr. Ken says he thinks it’s bear paw. Except we keep seeing these prints […]

All roads lead to cheese

October 5, 2022


We had a rainy day one day in Vermont so we decided to take a road trip to Grafton, the home of the famous Grafton Village Cheese Company. We had quite the adventure getting there! We took Route 121, which sounds like a major road. Well, it was a dirt road, albeit a beautiful one. […]

Dumplings anyone?

September 28, 2022


No, this won’t be a post about food. Rather, it is all about a fabulous hike that Mr. Ken and I had at Jamaica State Park in Vermont. It was a wonderful, early fall day and the sun was streaming through the trees. The trail follows the West River, which had been used for thousands […]

The guys in Vermont

September 14, 2022


We of course brought our guys, Sir Oliver, Toby and Sir Angus, with us to Vermont. They had lots of fun adventures too! Here they are all ready for the big road trip. They went hiking too! Note the little rocks in front of them. These are from the pretty stream in Dorset. They discovered […]