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Colors of a fall hike

October 19, 2016


Mr. Ken and I decided to take advantage of this glorious fall weather and went for a hike last Sunday. We hiked around the lake where we usually kayak. It didn’t hurt that our trip to the hiking place goes right by a Dairy Queen.🙂 The colors were glorious. The sun was shining; life is […]

Reflections on an early morning walk

October 12, 2016


As most of you know, I am a morning person. There is nothing I love better than to get up early and do my exercise before the my day gets started. As I look ahead to foot surgery in December, I want to get the most I can out of moving and walking while I […]

A visitor to our new front steps

October 5, 2016


Since I started a new consulting project, I haven’t had much time to think about blogging. We just had our front side steps redone and they look great. And, more importantly, one of our “pet” chipmunks, named Peep, has given them his stamp of approval. Note the little white object in the lower right corner […]

Mystery object revealed

September 21, 2016


My first attempt at taking a picture of the “real” object. Can we say, “oops?” I guess I will never make a living as a photographer. Here it is. You may still not know what it is, so I shall tell you. It’s a little barre ball. A what???? It’s a small ball that can […]

Healthy herb adventures

September 7, 2016


I suffer from periodic bouts of gastritis. And as much as I like natural stuff, I’m all for taking a pill to make things better. Except, as with most medicines, the cure can kill you as much as the ailment. So I have been on a quest to find a more natural way to heal. […]

Chipmunks=2; Mr. Ken=0

August 31, 2016


As most of you probably know, we have several chipmunks that we consider our “pets.” They come right up to us and eat out of our hands. Well one day, Mr. Ken happened to look out the front door to see if his beloved “Peep” had collected the peanut treats he had left out for […]

My weekend

August 24, 2016


So here’s a picture diary of how I spent my weekend. Enjoy!🙂 1. Gift time. Mr. Ken was in Charleston, South Carolina visiting family. He returned bearing gifts. This is just what everyone wants and needs – a bandana with cows and sport balls. Who says that Mr. Ken isn’t a romantic? FYI – this […]