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A clean sweep

December 1, 2021


So it isn’t often that I get into an extreme cleaning mode, but when I do, watch out! A few weeks ago, the urge to clean hit me. At first glance around our home, it looks clean and uncluttered. However, when one starts opening closets and drawers, it’s a whole different story. I decided to […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2021


What would Thanksgiving be without a chipmunk card? Once again, my dear cousin, Lib, came through with another cute chipmunk card. Wishing all my American friends and very Happy Thanksgiving! May your Thanksgiving Day be filled with love, laughter and gratitude. To all of my other dear friends, I wish you happiness and peace. What […]

The joy of random conversations

November 17, 2021


I try to approach each day with joy, gratitude and an open heart. It really makes a difference! Even the most mundane of errands can turn into a happy experience. I had an especially nice experience the other day. I got out of my car in the local Trader Joe’s parking lot and next to […]

Believing that people are inherently good

November 10, 2021


The news is too filled with all the bad things that people do to each other. I know that focus on bad behavior is what gives views on social media and that is what sells newspapers. Are people less civil than they used to be? Perhaps. I am ever the optimist though and truly believe […]

Continuing tales from the Pandemic

November 3, 2021


It sure has been a long haul with this Pandemic as we enter Month 20. Things are looking up since we now have effective vaccines and we understand a lot more about Covid. But we still have a ways to go. Each of us deals with Covid risks in our own way, ranging from “it’s […]

Road tripping in Vermont – Chester Fall Festival

October 27, 2021


Saturday of our week in VT was the most fun day of the week for us as we attended the Chester Fall Festival in Chester, VT. It’s been held for 40 years and is very popular with local residents and visitors alike. It was a gorgeous fall day and we enjoyed the many vendors, farm […]

Road tripping in Vermont – Woodstock

October 20, 2021


On Thursday of our week in VT we drove to Woodstock. It was a beautiful day and the drive alone was a feast for the eyes. We enjoyed going into the many shops. For lunch we bought some sandwiches and found a nice picnic table next to the stream that goes through the downtown area. […]

Road tripping in Vermont – First Chester visit

October 13, 2021


On Friday of our week in Vermont we visited the quaint town of Chester. It’s has all the ingredients that make up a quintessential New England town. We enjoyed having coffee at their local cafe. We then enjoyed lunch on the front porch of the historic Fullerton Inn in the center of town. One shop […]

Roadtripping in Vermont – Sir Oliver, Sir Angus and Toby

October 6, 2021


We brought our little friends, Sir Oliver, Sir Angus and Toby, along with us to Vermont. They wanted to get in on the fun. Not to be outdone by us, they also went hiking. Here they are in our Vermont place, getting ready for their big adventure. Toby was very concerned he might encounter a […]

Road tripping in Vermont – hiking and the Vermont Country Store

September 29, 2021


So the Wednesday Vermont adventure involved hiking at Lowell Lake in Vermont. The hike around the pretty lake was nice, but it was especially interesting to come across this old cemetery. Not only did we know it was old because of the condition of the gravestones, but because several graves had Revolutionary War Medals on […]