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peep October 11, 2017

Things that make me happy

October 4, 2017


things that make me happy

It really is the small things that make life worth living. As we enter the season of cooler days and longer nights, I find it important to find ways to keep my spirits up. Here are some things that make me happy. 1. Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Coconut Coffee. I treat myself to this whenever […]

Awful marketing

September 27, 2017


awful marketing

What ever happened to honesty and integrity? I know, I know, I am asking a rhetorical question, but two recent incidents really got me thinking. By now, you all must have heard of the Equifax data breach. At least 143 million names, birthdates and social security numbers were stolen by hackers getting into Equifax. Now […]

Just slow down

September 20, 2017


just slow down

I was rushing around last Saturday, like I usually do. We had gone out kayaking on Friday and I was tired so I had slept late on Saturday.  I had a bunch of errands to do. Usually, I am up and at it early and get everything done by 10 am. This is a way […]

Pray for the hurricane victims

September 13, 2017


hurricane irma

There isn’t much for me to say this week, after all the terrible news about Hurricane Irma.  All I want to ask is that you keep the hurricane victims in your thoughts and prayers. There are many ways to help.  Unfortunately, times like this also bring out the scammers. Here’s some information on where you […]

Life and kayaking into the wind

September 6, 2017


kayak into the wind

I love kayaking in the fall.  The beautiful, colorful leaves of the trees look especially nice from the river.  The humidity is a lot less in the fall, but you still get bright sunshine.  The only thing that often comes with the sunshine is the wind.  The other day was sunny and the temperature was […]