hurricane irma September 13, 2017
kayak into the wind September 6, 2017

Looking ahead to fall

August 30, 2017


red maple

I had an interesting conversation with my friend Carole the other day. Now Carole is one of the most positive people I know so I was surprised when she said that she really disliked fall. According to her, “Everything dies and it gets really dark.” Me, on the other hand, I just love fall. It […]

Adventures in Quincy

August 23, 2017


dot gas tank

Normally, Quincy Massachusetts is not the place for adventures. Other than it being the birthplace of John Quincy Adams and home to the old Fore River Shipyard, there is nothing much of note there. I did live there 26 years ago when I first moved back from New York City. Mr. Ken and I had […]

New sights in Boston

August 16, 2017


mystery entrance

So I have been enjoying my sojourns into Boston to meet with potential consulting clients. I recently was lucky to have a client located right near Fenway Park. Yes, that’s right, right next to the home of the Red Sox. I walked from Back Bay Station to this location. I was fascinated by the walk […]

We aren’t 30 anymore

August 9, 2017


getting older

I have come to the sad realization that we are not 30 years old anymore. I kind of knew this since it has been many, many years since I celebrated that birthday, but recent events have brought home this fact. No more Mexican jumping beans. In the evenings, Mr. Ken and I like to sit […]

Confusing marketing

August 2, 2017

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confusing marketing

I spent my younger years baking in the sun. What could be better than being blonde and tanned? Now I am paying the price with several bouts of skin cancer. So now, I am meticulous about wearing sunscreen, even in the winter. I especially like Coppertone Water Babies sunscreen; it works the best. I was […]