mr ken and geeky keyboard April 26, 2017
very cute peeps April 19, 2017

Nancy and Ken’s excellent New Jersey adventure

April 12, 2017


nancy and ken at diner

Yes, one can have a fun and excellent adventure in New Jersey. Mr. Ken and I were in the Garden State this past weekend for a family wedding. New Jersey holds a special place in my heart because a. I was born there and b. I first met Mr. Ken there. So the story of […]

Whistling Dixie

April 5, 2017


birthday cake for ken

Well, not really, since I can’t whistle. Plus, no matter how hard I try to hide it, I have a Boston accent. Or should I say “bahstan akcent.” 🙂 Mr. Ken was recently in South Carolina, visiting with his mother and brother. The weather down there was gorgeous and the flowers were in full bloom. […]

15 minutes of fame

March 29, 2017


vanderpoel castle summit nj

Most of you have heard of the adage, “we all get 15 minutes of fame.” Well this happened to Mr. Ken last week. He was quoted in an article about a castle in Summit New Jersey. Can you imagine a real live castle in suburban New Jersey? It was called Vanderpoel Castle and Mr. Ken […]

Beauty all around

March 22, 2017


red leaves on white fence

Nothing too deep this week, just some pretty pictures I took this fall. I just love walking because I see beauty all around me. Here are some pretty sights I saw on a walk last fall. The red leaves almost look like hand prints. I just love the bright red leaves. When the sun is […]

Welcome spring! (sort of)

March 15, 2017


crocus leaves 2

March is here and spring is right around the corner, right! I was so encouraged last week. As I was out on my walk, I saw little crocus leaves poking through the dirt! I even saw it in multiple places. Okay, so the pictures make the leaves look like crab grass or weeds, but they […]