May 31, 2023
May 24, 2023

It’s kayak time – yay!

May 17, 2023



I am so happy that it is kayak time. For the past two years, our kayaking has been limited. In 2021 I had shoulder surgery, so no kayaking that season. In 2022, Mr. Ken broke his wrist, so our kayaking started late. God willing, we will have no injuries this year and will get in […]

Coronation Party

May 10, 2023


So, did you guys watch the coronation of King Charles III? As an American, I really don’t get the idea of a monarchy. I couldn’t see myself bowing to anyone, even a king or queen. That being said, I am quite the Anglophile and love all things British, including the monarchy. I told myself that […]

Misleading marketing

May 3, 2023


I consider myself an educated consumer, but I am still learning things. So I recently had blood work done and had my cholesterol checked. The cholesterol numbers were NOT good. And this in spite of the fact that I exercise a lot and eat kale. 🙂 I shouldn’t be since I have a family history […]

Facebook perils

April 26, 2023


My age may be showing here since Facebook is mostly for us, ahem, “older” folks now. I must admit, I spend way too much time on Facebook. I tell myself I’m learning about fitness trends, so it isn’t a total waste of time. I came across this image, posted in my town Facebook group. I […]

Being creative

April 19, 2023


Are you creative? I suppose everyone has some creativity buried within them. I am analytical. I can organize coffee pods, closets and trips. My creativity is buried very deep inside me. My friend Lisa, on the other hand, is both analytical and creative. She loves to organize things, like me. But she is also very […]

Some reflections on an early morning walk

April 12, 2023



As most of you know, I am a morning person. There is nothing I love better than to get up early and do my exercise before the my day gets started. Spring has finally arrived here in New England.  I just love the warmer weather and brighter days. I have been taking early morning walks. […]

Happy Easter

April 5, 2023


Easter c;hipmunk

Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Not only are flowers starting to bloom, but our beloved chipmunks have emerged from their “big sleep.” Bad Bunny lives by our back steps. Maxwell lives on the other side of the house. And Baby CC lives by the front steps. I hope all my blogging friends have a wonderful Easter […]

It’s Peep time!

March 29, 2023


Yes, it’s that time of year. Spring has sprung, even here in cold, snowy New England. And with spring comes Peeps! Yay! I spent all day scouring the Internet for just the right Peep pictures. And here they are. Did you know that Peeps are very versatile. Not only can you eat them plain, but […]