September 28, 2022
September 21, 2022

The guys in Vermont

September 14, 2022


We of course brought our guys, Sir Oliver, Toby and Sir Angus, with us to Vermont. They had lots of fun adventures too! Here they are all ready for the big road trip. They went hiking too! Note the little rocks in front of them. These are from the pretty stream in Dorset. They discovered […]

Happy Sir Oliver Day!

September 7, 2022


On September 4, three years ago in 2019, we were in London touring Buckingham Palace. After the tour we visited their gift shop and that’s where we found our dear Sir Oliver and knew immediately he had to join our family. So today we celebrate Sir Oliver Day with cake and a balloon! Of course, […]

A view from a country road – 2

August 31, 2022


Here is Part 2 of my country road walk. Not only is the walk scenic, but it has a few hills, so I am getting my aerobic workout in. Here are some of the views from the top. I especially love seeing the mountains in the background. I was so excited about this view and […]

A view from a country road

August 24, 2022


As you can probably tell from my prior blog posts, I love Vermont! One of my favorite things is to walk in nature. We were very fortunate that the place we stayed was right on a country road. There wasn’t much traffic so it was perfect for walking. And so many pretty sights, which I […]

For the love of chocolate

August 17, 2022


Vermont is known for its beautiful hiking trails. Mr. Ken and I wanted to take advantage of this. So we found nice trail called Butternut Hill Loop in Chester Vermont. The directions to get there were straightforward. We turn off from the main road, ever on the lookout for the trail sign. Um, well we […]

Guilty pleasures in Vermont

August 10, 2022


So Vermont is known for all of its outdoor activities. It is so easy to be active and enjoy the outdoors up there. That being said, we also enjoyed the food. We had delicious, freshly picked corn. Our guilty pleasure was Gifford’s Sea Salt Caramel Truffle. Yum and yum! We went through two quarts in […]

By a burbling brook

August 3, 2022


We took another trip to Dorset for hiking at Cutler Memorial Trail. Once again, we missed the trail sign and continued on the road. Hah, we were so far into the wilds of Vermont that even GPS didn’t have the roads. No worries though, we drove by some very scenic farms and saw lots of […]

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Quirky time

July 27, 2022


We did a road trip to Brattleboro Vermont. It was fun to visit a town, in addition to hiking in nature. I love towns like this! The best way to describe the vibe here is “quirky.” We had a delicious lunch at The Works Cafe. I had smoked salmon on a bagel with cream cheese. […]