I love my health insurance company!

February 10, 2021

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Now before you all think that I have lost my mind, I really mean it. I know that the words “love” and “health insurance” don’t usually go together, but in this case they do. So thanks to Obamacare, I now pay an exorbitant fee for my health insurance premiums, all the while not getting much […]

Winter Wonderland

February 3, 2021


snowy backyard and rose bush

Although I don’t know if you can call a Boston suburb a “wonderland.” Anyway, nothing too deep this week. I am teasing Mr. Ken because he hasn’t done anything goofy lately that I can write about. All we do is go for walks and venture out to the grocery store. I was going to post […]

Find a reason to celebrate

January 27, 2021


reason to celebrate

This is a tough one these days with all the bad and sad news, but we can try. This week we celebrated the first anniversary of Sir Angus’ arrival from across the pond. In honor of the special occasion, we had to get a balloon, cupcakes and ice cream. Here are the guys ready to […]

Hang in there!

January 20, 2021


hang in there

It has almost been year since we’ve lived with COVID. And the news just keeps getting worse; new super-transmittable COVID strain, not enough vaccine, civil unrest. When will it all end? This is a public service message from your friends in Boston. Hang in there guys! This, too, shall pass. I’ve been seeing encouraging signs […]

Pandemic schedules

January 13, 2021


pandemic schedule

Time seems to pass differently during the Pandemic. Maybe it’s because our schedules have been thrown off. The other day Mr. Ken says to me: “Do you want to go to Costco tomorrow?” I replied: “Not tomorrow, I have to mail the estimated taxes.” Mr. Ken nodded and said: “Well, we can go the next […]

2021 Resolutions

January 6, 2021


gratitude for new year

Actually, I don’t do resolutions any more since they don’t work for me. I used to start of all gung-ho with my list of New Year’s resolutions. By January 3, they were forgotten. So, I’ve been doing something different. Every year I pick a theme for that year. The plan is for my actions to […]

Making fitness fun

December 30, 2020


fitbit fun

So the new year is about to begin and with it, our New Year’s resolutions, most of which revolve around getting healthier. Most of you can identify with the “COVID” diet that has caused our waistlines to grow. My COVID diet consists of: Cream for my coffee. After tasting this delicious combination, I can’t go […]

Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2020


merry christmas

Or, “Happy Christmas” as they say in the U.K. Wishing everyone a joyful Christmas and a hopeful and happy New Year!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

December 16, 2020


christmas carolers

So we put up our tree last week, and with the tree the little ornaments come out. I have such fond memories of Christmas caroler candles. Sadly, the originals were stored in a hot attic, so the next year, they were just a wax blob. I was happy to find replacements at the Vermont Country […]

Christmas lights brighten the dark nights

December 9, 2020


blue tree

December can be dark and cold, but the pretty Christmas lights can help brighten the darkness. Enjoy this picture of our local blue tree on our town common. The tradition of blue lights has been going on for over 60 years. We had some panic a few years ago when the tree where the blue […]