Rocks under water

July 12, 2017

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rocks under water

We are off to a good start with our kayaking this year. The weather has been great and the temperatures very comfortable. The cooler temperatures are a very good thing since I wear long sleeved SPF-50 shirts and they can be pretty uncomfortable when it gets hotter. We’ve have been mainly kayaking on the Charles […]

It’s all about the attitude

July 5, 2017


be nice

Now that I am free from caring for my Mom, Mr. Ken and I want to do more traveling. Before we do that, I have to get my passport. I had a passport, way back when in 1984, but that has long since expired. First, the passport picture. Off I head to my local Walgreen’s. […]

Nancy’s boot camp adventure

June 28, 2017


hard corps boot camp

It all started way back in high school. I took one of those career/skills tests and my results came back: Your ideal career would be a. Accountant b. Physical Education teacher c. Army Drill Sergeant. Ever since then I have been fascinated by boot camp workouts. If you ask Mr. Ken, he may also say […]

Take a step back

June 21, 2017


lessons from teeth

So off I went to the dentist to get a filling fixed. The dentist is a talkative fellow. I guess he has to be so he can distract his patients from the torture, er discomfort of what he is doing. All of a sudden he stops talking and goes, “Mmmmm.” I have learned that when […]

Some of my favorite summer things

June 14, 2017



The lazy days of summer are upon us. I got to thinking about the summer and how I love it. Here’s why I love summer: 1. Many hours of daylight. I am a morning person and I love to exercise in the morning. That being said, it sure is hard to get up at 4:30 […]

The view from a window

June 7, 2017


beautiful rhododendron

Short and sweet this week – a reminder to all my blogging friends, to stop, take a look around and admire the beauty of nature. It can be found everywhere! This beautiful rhododendron is right outside our family room window. I see it every time we sit down. The flowers were especially full this year. […]

25 Years

May 31, 2017


nancy and ken wedding

I can’t believe it, but 25 years ago today Mr. Ken and I said “I do.” It’s been quite the ride and I wouldn’t change anything about it! Here are some of my favorite pictures from that beautiful day: 1. My Dad and I. This is my very favorite picture of my Dad. It perfectly […]