Chipmunks=2; Mr. Ken=0

August 31, 2016


latest chipmunk toy

As most of you probably know, we have several chipmunks that we consider our “pets.” They come right up to us and eat out of our hands. Well one day, Mr. Ken happened to look out the front door to see if his beloved “Peep” had collected the peanut treats he had left out for […]

My weekend

August 24, 2016


cow bandana

So here’s a picture diary of how I spent my weekend. Enjoy!🙂 1. Gift time. Mr. Ken was in Charleston, South Carolina visiting family. He returned bearing gifts. This is just what everyone wants and needs – a bandana with cows and sport balls. Who says that Mr. Ken isn’t a romantic? FYI – this […]

Joy in the simple things

August 17, 2016


knockout roses

I always smile when I see flowers. Mr. Ken planted some lovely red roses in our backyard and I can see them every time I come into the house. They make me smile. They are called Knockout Roses and they are hardy. Luckily bugs and worms don’t eat them. You may notice a wire fence […]

Mr. Ken – the serious book reader

August 10, 2016


mr ken book reader

Who knew that my beloved Mr. Ken would turn into such a serious book reader? Here he is, hard at work, reading his latest book, “Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernow. Yes, this is the very same book upon which the musical, “Hamilton,” is based. Mr. Ken recently decided to join a book club at our […]

What gnats can teach us about life

August 3, 2016



Yes, you read that correctly – gnats. As my energy has slowly returned, I am on a mission to mix up my exercise routine. I decided to use my MP3 player and walk to music. I have several aerobic routines that were recorded by Sean O’Malley. (RIP – dear Sean, he has since left this […]

Vacation can be a state of mind

July 27, 2016


plymouth chipmunk

We all have choices on how we view a situation. Since this spring was a super busy one for me, we didn’t get a chance to plan a summer vacation. There are several ways I could see this: 1. I could be really depressed and upset that I didn’t get away for the summer. 2. […]

Yet more fun in Cambridge

July 20, 2016


cambridge flower shop window

Okay, so here is yet(!) another blog post about my love of Cambridge. What can I say? I love Cambridge. I love it for so many reasons: * It’s invigorating to walk through the different neighborhoods and just people watch. * It has the energy of a city, without being overwhelming like Boston or Manhattan […]