Happy memories

June 15, 2016


school house

It has been tough to clean out my childhood home and get it ready to sell. In some ways, this has been harder on me than the week the my dear Mom died. But, somehow I am managing to get through it. Cleaning out the house has had some happy moments too. As I was […]

What a little paint and polish can do!

June 8, 2016


living room after

Okay, here it is – the before and after pictures. I now consider myself quite knowledgeable in: plumbing plastering painting. Who knew? As I walk through the beautiful clean house with the gleaming hardwood floors and newly painted walls, I hardly recognize the place! We took up the wall-to-wall carpet, which has hidden the hardwood […]

My week

May 25, 2016


pretty flowers

Nothing much on the blog front this week. I am busy getting my Mom’s house ready to be put on the market. The house is over 50 years old and it was well-maintained, but it does need some refreshing. We are removing the wallpaper and painting the walls. We are also pulling up the wall-to-wall […]

Surprises in Cambridge

May 18, 2016


harvard business school

I had occasion to be back in Cambridge at the Harvard Business School for a Board meeting. I just love being in Cambridge! I feel smarter when I’m there.🙂 I was a little early to my meeting, so I took a stroll around the area. The Business School is right next to the Charles River, […]

A joyful walk in the rain

May 11, 2016


pretty trees in the rain

In typical New England fashion, our spring has been cold and rainy. At least it isn’t snowing, right? Every day, I try to get outside and walk, not matter the weather. I just love walking. I was out on a recent rainy and gloomy day, but the day was bright because of the pretty spring […]

Life with a car guy – Part 2

May 4, 2016


Ken with new car

As many of you probably know, dear Mr. Ken is a car guy. For the story that started it all, Life with a car guy. The beloved Honda CRV is three years old. You would never know it by looking at it. It looks better than most new cars. And it still has that new […]

Spring is here

April 27, 2016


spring pansies

Here in New England, we don’t have much of a spring. We tend to go from cold winter to hot summer, with maybe a few spring-like weeks in between. One sign of spring is pansies. As a matter of fact, my town has the pansy as their official flower. Now who knew that a town […]