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Happy, happy New Year!

January 4, 2023


The new year is a time for new beginnings. And a time for making resolutions. As for me, I used to dutifully write down my resolutions. They were quickly forgotten by mid-January. So now I do something different. I focus on a particular word for the year. In the past it has been words like […]

The joys of a November hike

December 7, 2022


September and October are glorious times here in New England. The brightly colored foliage never disappoints. November, not so much. All the leaves are off the trees and it is usually cold and grey, with not much sunshine. This year we were lucky to have several sunny days. Mr. Ken and I decided to take […]

The view

October 19, 2022


We returned to Dorset, Vermont and did the Gettysburg Quarry hike again. It was so much easier this time since it was cooler. The view from the top is to die for. Aside from being out in nature, we met some interesting people on the trail. One woman, a Dorset native, told us about some […]

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

October 12, 2022


We took a hike around our favorite place in Vermont, Lowell Lake State Park. We can walk to this beautiful area from where we were staying. So we are out hiking and we come upon a paw print in the mud. Mr. Ken says he thinks it’s bear paw. Except we keep seeing these prints […]

Dumplings anyone?

September 28, 2022


No, this won’t be a post about food. Rather, it is all about a fabulous hike that Mr. Ken and I had at Jamaica State Park in Vermont. It was a wonderful, early fall day and the sun was streaming through the trees. The trail follows the West River, which had been used for thousands […]

A view from a country road – 2

August 31, 2022


Here is Part 2 of my country road walk. Not only is the walk scenic, but it has a few hills, so I am getting my aerobic workout in. Here are some of the views from the top. I especially love seeing the mountains in the background. I was so excited about this view and […]

A view from a country road

August 24, 2022


As you can probably tell from my prior blog posts, I love Vermont! One of my favorite things is to walk in nature. We were very fortunate that the place we stayed was right on a country road. There wasn’t much traffic so it was perfect for walking. And so many pretty sights, which I […]

For the love of chocolate

August 17, 2022


Vermont is known for its beautiful hiking trails. Mr. Ken and I wanted to take advantage of this. So we found nice trail called Butternut Hill Loop in Chester Vermont. The directions to get there were straightforward. We turn off from the main road, ever on the lookout for the trail sign. Um, well we […]

The view from the top

July 20, 2022


The top of a beautiful mountain range that is. So Mr. Ken and I are back in Vermont. The first day of our vacation, we decided to take a hike at the Owl’s Head Trailhead in Dorset, Vermont. This trail takes you up to the Gettysburg Quarry, where marble blocks were cut for gravestones for […]

First kayak adventure of the season

June 22, 2022


So the happy day arrived; Mr. Ken and I were all set to go kayaking. In deference to my shoulder injury and to us getting older in general, Mr. Ken bought a nifty new kayak rack system. With this new system, you only have to lift the kayak to about hip height, place it on […]