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January 25, 2017


I pass this sign on my daily walks and I can’t help but laugh. Notice that there is not one, but TWO dessert places: the Dessert Workshop and the Treat Cupcake Bar. A picture is really worth a thousand words. . .

Healthy herb adventures

September 7, 2016


I suffer from periodic bouts of gastritis. And as much as I like natural stuff, I’m all for taking a pill to make things better. Except, as with most medicines, the cure can kill you as much as the ailment. So I have been on a quest to find a more natural way to heal. […]

The joy of tea

February 17, 2016


I love caffeine. When one gets up at 4 am (!) to work out, one needs something more than just a will to get moving. I am getting more and more serious about healthy eating too, but even when I did the Ultimate Yogi 108 Day Challenge, I couldn’t give up caffeine. Come to think […]


January 20, 2016


So I’m not much of a cook or a baker. Let’s just say that this goes way back, starting when my best friend Lisa and I attempted to make pretzels from a recipe in Seventeen Magazine. The end result? See below. In all fairness, Seventeen Magazine posted a revised recipe the next month, explaining the […]

My latest obsession – Fitbit

January 13, 2016


My favorite Christmas present was a Fitbit. I got the simplest model, the Fitbit Zip, but it suits me just fine. Of course, who am I kidding, eventually I will be getting the fancier models that even track your sleep. Note the cute little smiley face on the display. If the Fitbit is happy, then […]

The story of pie

October 7, 2015


Just a simple post this week. I am off to a marketing conference for the rest of the week and didn’t have a chance to prepare anything deeper. Here is a picture of some pies I baked over the weekend. Or rather, I baked them while my Mom supervised. Ever since we had the stove […]

Mr. Ken’s healthy eating adventure

August 26, 2015


Mr. Ken spent last week visiting his mother in South Carolina. Can we say grits anyone? Grits on their own wouldn’t be so bad; they’d probably be bland. But southern style grits call for the butter! He would call me every night to tell me about his day. Here’s an excerpt from one of our […]

Add a little color to your life

May 27, 2015


I live in New England. We New Englanders aren’t known for our sense of color or style. Most of my wardrobe is black, grey or beige, with an occasional bright shirt thrown in for kicks. As most of you know, my latest fitness obsession, er interest, is walking routines from Jessica Smith. She films the […]

Mystery solved for What is it

March 4, 2015


I know you all have been sitting at the edge of your seats, wanting to know the answer to last week’s post, What is it? One answer could be these cute little boxes make perfect resting spots for Peeps. M&Ms also fit perfectly into them as well. Alas, these containers are part of Beachbody’s 21 […]

What is it?

February 25, 2015


It’s time for another puzzle. What do you think these things are? HINT: The number 21 is involved. Note to my friend Susan – you can’t guess since you already know. You were the person who introduced me to these. 🙂 Photograph is thanks to Mr. Ken, photographer extraordinaire.