Mystery solved for What is it

Posted on March 4, 2015


mystery object 21 solved
I know you all have been sitting at the edge of your seats, wanting to know the answer to last week’s post, What is it?

One answer could be these cute little boxes make perfect resting spots for Peeps. M&Ms also fit perfectly into them as well.

Alas, these containers are part of Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix Program. This is a 21 day healthy eating and exercise program. The basis of the healthy eating program is to use the color coded containers for various food groups. For example, you need to have 4 green containers of vegetables per day, 3 blue containers of fruit and so on. I don’t know why Peeps or M&Ms weren’t included since they fit perfectly into these pretty containers.

mystery object for 21

And yes, the containers are as tiny as the look in the pictures! The bigger containers, such as they are, are for the healthier foods, like fruits and vegetables. The smaller containers are for other foods, e.g. the tiny orange containers for nuts. About 3 nuts will fit into one of these containers so why bother?

Anyway, the premise is that you can do anything for only 21 days. That may be so, but I don’t think I could go without Peeps or M&Ms for that long.

I love the workouts; they are only 30 minutes long. I am slowly becoming a convert to 30 minute workouts. There is no downtime and they are over before you know it so you can really give it your all during that 30 minutes. Now if I could only master smiling throughout the entire time! That may be impossible since I am working out at 5:00 am.

Minimal equipment is needed for the workouts.  All you need: a set of light and heavy dumbbells and a yoga mat.  If you don’t have weights, you can use a resistance band.  One exerciser shows the moves with the band.

The workouts are led by Autumn Calabrese. Picture a very tiny, fit drill sergeant you have Autumn. It’s so funny to watch her interact with some of the male background exercisers since they look like giants compared to her.

Mmpf, these workouts are categorized as intermediate, but I found them to be hard. There is a modifier doing much easier versions of the moves. How can the workout crew smile so much during these workouts?

Included in this program are:

1. Total Body Cardio Fix
2. Upper Fix
3. Lower Fix
4. Pilates Fix
5. Cardio Fix
6. Yoga Fix.

I especially enjoyed the Pilates and Yoga workouts. They would be good for people who don’t really like Pilates or Yoga. The Pilates workouts focuses on your core and legs and the Yoga workout is really a stretching routine that happens to use yoga moves.

A special thank you to my dear friend Susan, who gave me these workouts. She, more than anyone, understands that there is no such thing as too many workouts! 🙂

Photographs courtesy of Mr. Ken, photographer extraordinaire.

*Note: I had to keep a close eye on Mr. Ken since he claimed he was getting hungry looking at the Peep and the M&Ms and he threatened to eat them!