My latest obsession – Fitbit

Posted on January 13, 2016

fitbit with smiley face

My favorite Christmas present was a Fitbit. I got the simplest model, the Fitbit Zip, but it suits me just fine. Of course, who am I kidding, eventually I will be getting the fancier models that even track your sleep. Note the cute little smiley face on the display. If the Fitbit is happy, then I am happy since this means I have been active.

This Fitbit tracks your steps, mileage walked and calories burned. You can link it to food intake too. It even has little faces, depending on how active you are. We must aim for the smiley face. I had read that it quickly becomes addictive and that is all too true. I knew I was pretty active, but with this nifty little device, I am even more active. After all, I must get in those 10,000 steps a day that the American Heart Associations recommends.

So I take the Fitbit out of its wrapping. That was a major effort since it was packaged to withstand a nuclear blast. It was pretty self-explanatory to put the button battery into the Fitbit. I do that and nothing happens. Oops. What is wrong, do I have a defective Fitbit? I slowly realize that I somehow need to synchronize it with my computer and my smartphone. Okay, I can do that. It’s quite simple really. Once the Fitbit and computer are connected, all you have to do is have the computer on and be near the computer. Voila! Automatic synching. This is too cool.

I felt like such a techie when I successfully connecting the Fitbit to my smartphone. You can also have little contests with your friends to see how is the most active. Ah, the list goes on. This little thing can quickly take over one’s life, if one isn’t careful.

To make it even more addicting, you earn badges, depending upon your activity level. The badges are named for types of shoes. Here’s the list:

• Boat Shoe: 5,000 Steps
• Steakers: 10,000 Steps
• Urban Boot: 15,000 Steps
• High Tops: 20,000 Steps
• Classics: 25,000 Steps
• Trail Shoe: 30,000 Steps
• Hiking Boot: 35,000 Steps
• Cleats: 40,000 Steps
• Snow Boot: 45,000 Steps
• 100,000 Steps.

I’ve just attained the “Classics” badge (25,000 steps), thanks to my meetings in Cambridge. I take the Commuter Rail to South Station in Boston and then walk all the way to Harvard Square. This takes me about 90 minutes.

You also get badges for cumulative steps. Needless to say, I’ve earned my “Marathon” badge, for walking 26 miles. I just earned my “Penguin walk” badge, for walking 70 miles. This is the mileage walked with the march of the penguins. 🙂

Isn’t it just the cutest little thing? Its cuteness alone is enough to make me want to buy it. I debated getting the lime green one, but I didn’t want it to stick out when I wore it. I usually put it on my shoe.

In case you were wondering, my morning exercise sessions are good for about 7000 steps. My morning walks are good for another 8000 steps. Needless to say I am driving Mr. Ken and my Mom crazy with my updates on my steps.

Although my Mom is so intrigued by this, she wanted one, so I got her the lime green one. Isn’t it cool? Her doctor is always telling that she has to walk more and I am hoping this little device will help her to do just that.

lime green fitbit

What gifts have you recently received that have become an obsession with you?