Mr. Ken’s healthy eating adventure

Posted on August 26, 2015

grits with butter

Mr. Ken spent last week visiting his mother in South Carolina. Can we say grits anyone? Grits on their own wouldn’t be so bad; they’d probably be bland. But southern style grits call for the butter!

He would call me every night to tell me about his day.

Here’s an excerpt from one of our conversations:

Mr. Ken: “I had a good dinner tonight. It was pot roast and mashed potatoes.”

Me: “That sounds pretty good.”

Mr. Ken: “Well, you know Southern cooking is rather rich.”

Me: “Exactly what do you mean?

Mr. Ken: “Well, the pot roast tasted like bacon. I think it was deep fried in bacon grease or something. And the mashed potatoes had lots of cheese in them.”

Me: “Oh, that’s nice.”

Meanwhile, I’m thinking to myself, “It’s time I started making some healthy recipes so Mr. Ken can get back on track.”

So, I set out to make an Avocado Chickpea salad. I figured I would just feed it to Mr. Ken and not tell him what was in it. Maybe he would be fooled and think it was potato salad.

Here’s the result of my little experiment:

mr. ken and healthy eating

Needless to say, the experiment was not a success. Mr. Ken is much happier eating a donut:

mr. ken eating a donut

You would think after the first healthy eating adventure, Mr. Ken would have learned his lesson. I guess not.

Do you have any healthy eating adventures to share?

A big thank you to dear Mr. Ken for being such a good sport about everything. Although, I think now he rather enjoys his “15 minutes of fame.” I used to be able to threaten him with, “Be carefeul what you do, you may just end up as the subject of my next blog post!” Now, he is asking me when he will be featured again. 🙂

Picture of grits is from The Daily Currant.