The secret to watching the Super Bowl

Posted on February 6, 2019



tom brady with super bowl rings

Yes, I live in New England and I am proud of that fact. Yes, I am proud of our sports teams, but I don’t live and breathe sports. As the annual Super Bowl was upon us and I was not looking forward to suffering through, er sitting through another game of 300 pound men jumping on top of each other.

I am all about efficiency and I was happy to see that this can apply to the Super Bowl.

Some tips:

1. Google “Super Bowl” and you will find plenty of commentary on the game.

You can read just enough to be able to make semi-intelligent comments like, “What happened to Todd Gurley? Where was the LA Rams star running back?” (Just don’t ask me to explain what a running back is.)

2. Google “Super Bowl ad” and you will find them all, without having to sit through the entire Super Bowl game.

You can even see the ads ahead of time. I must admit, I really liked the M&M ad, probably because I love M&Ms. Here is a replay of this cute ad, M&M Super Bowl ad. This was not considered one of the “cool” ads though. See Best and worst Super Bowl ads.

I was happy to see that the Serena Williams ad was not well liked either. The ad, Serena Williams and Bumble ad. I sat watching the ad and thought, “Mm, this is nice, Serena is encouraging young women to be strong.” Well, no, it was an ad for Bumble. Whatever the heck that is. (FYI- Bumble is a dating app. – I am obviously not the target audience for this.)

3. Stick to your guns.

I was just a bit excited to see the half-time show, since I actually knew one of the songs that Maroon 5 sings, “Move like Jagger.” I sat through flashing lights, noise and more noise, an expose of Adam Levine’s many, many tatoos. TMI for me. Then the rappers came on stage and I just had to turn the tv off. It sounded like noise to me, a very far cry from music. Again, I was obviously not the target audience. I guess have the Atlantic Symphony Orchestra play some lovely classical music was not in the cards.

I felt somewhat vindicated when I read articles saying that Maroon 5’s performance was lack luster, Maroon 5 plays dullest half-time show ever.

What did you think about the Super Bowl?

P.S. For those of you even more clueless about football than me, this picture is of Tom Brady, the star quarterback of the New England Patriots.  He is counting some of his Super Bowl rings.  He has six rings!