Life with a geek Part 2

Posted on April 26, 2017


One thing I have learned from living with a geek like Mr. Ken is that there is never an end to the new computer parts. I can’t complain though since I feel there is never an end to new exercise DVDs. πŸ™‚

Mr. Ken’s latest “toy” is a backlit keyboard! One may ask why a keyboard needs back lights, and the answer is quite simple really, “Just because.” Mr. Ken was beside himself when he saw this latest invention on Newegg. The little backlights even match Ruby’s colors! (In case you are wondering about Ruby, look at Meet Ruby.

Mr. Ken proudly informed me that he can even program the little lights to come on in different patterns. I have given up asking why one would ever want to do that . . .Although, I must admit, it is pretty cool to watch.

Here is Mr. Ken, proudly showing off his latest “toy.”

mr ken and geeky keyboard

Here is a close up of said toy.

geeky keyboard

What will the geeks think of next? I shouldn’t spend too much time pondering this since I’m sure Mr. Ken will keep me informed of the latest!

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