Cuteness and inspiration

Posted on April 19, 2017


very cute peeps

A very dear friend left me a surprise Easter basket this weekend.  And guess what was in it?  A fluffy pink Peep!  Note the very apropos Easter egg design on the Peep.

Does life get any better than this?  I must admit I had been admiring this adorable little fuzzy for some time and almost bought one for myself.  Now I don’t have to.

As you all know, I love Peeps.  I almost love them more than chipmunks.

Not only was there an adorable pink Peep, but Peep pops and Peep Easter eggs.  Needless to say the edible Peeps will be long gone by mid-week. The pink Peep is on my desk, right in front of me so I can look at every day. Talk about inspiration!

What inspires you?

Thank you to my dear friend Lisa! 🙂