Meet Ruby

Posted on February 1, 2017


So this is what dear Mr. Ken has been spending all his time on last week. He has even named it, Ruby!

Lots of mysterious packages have been arriving at our house lately. Mr. Ken excitedly runs to the door and quickly sweeps up the packages. Then, one day, I come downstairs to see all sorts of geeky stuff spread out on the kitchen table. Mmmm, I guess we won’t be eating dinner at the table tonight.


1. Power cords galore!

And I thought there was one power cord going to the outlet. Wrong, there are multiple ones going to and from different things. Don’t ask me what.

computer cord thingies

2. Geeky computer tools.

Building a computer is serious business and it requires lots of little tools.


geeky computer tools

3. The computer genius at work.

Here is dear Mr. Ken, hard at work building his latest toy.

mr ken building computer

4. The end result.

Note the pretty colored lights. You can even program the lights to come on in patterns or sync them to music.

ruby the new computer

5.  The inside stuff.

There is even an open window on the side so you can see all the geeky stuff inside.  I bet you never knew what the inside of a computer looked like.

ruby computer lights


I was amazed. At 2 pm the computer parts were scattered all over the table. At 6:30 pm, the computer was built and functioning. And Mr. Ken has disappeared into his office to admire his new computer, fondly named Ruby.