Life with a geek

Posted on January 18, 2017


Have you ever wondered what life is like with a little geek? Well, let me clue you in.

weird geeky thing

1. Pictures of weird things.

Mr. Ken was very excited to tell me about his latest gadget for the kitchen. It is a combination charger and outlet! How exciting. Of course, one may wonder why you would need both at the same time, but this is for another time.  He was so excited he posted a picture of it on Facebook.

And, here is the little geeky thing in action – note two devices can be charged at once! Note also that my cute little snowman has been displaced.

geeky wall gadget in action

I fear little geeky things like this will start appearing in every room of our house. I wonder what little geeky gadget will appear in my exercise room?

geeky computer stuff

2. Lots of interesting packages arriving.

Every time I see a UPS or FedEx truck stop in front of our house, I get all excited since I think a new exercise DVD is about to arrive. Never mind the fact that I haven’t ordered any DVDs lately, maybe I forgot about an order. But, no such luck. Mr. Ken is about to embark on building his second computer.  What is a Pro Gaming Aurr?  Is Mr. Ken turning into a gamer?

ripjaws geeky gadget

3.  Neat new stuff.

Every home also needs a ripjaw DD2. I have no idea what this is. A form of a saw? A new jigsaw puzzle? A jackknife?

computer case with window

4.  A computer case with a window and LED lights

Yes, you read that correctly, a computer case with a little window so you can see inside and little LED lights that look cool.  Now why you would want these features is beyond me.  Obviously I am not a geek.

5. Our dinner table conversation consists of snippets like:

Mr. Ken: “I am so happy the D2 Adapter has arrived. The geek board said this was the best one out there.”

Nancy: “Hmm, now exactly what is the D2 adapter?”

Mr. Ken: “Every computer should have one, it affects the SSD port.

Nancy: (thinking to herself…what????)

Stay tuned for more about “Life with a computer geek.”