Mystery object revealed

Posted on September 21, 2016


oops picture

My first attempt at taking a picture of the “real” object. Can we say, “oops?” I guess I will never make a living as a photographer.

barre ball

Here it is. You may still not know what it is, so I shall tell you. It’s a little barre ball. A what???? It’s a small ball that can be used for barre exercises. For example, you might put it behind your knee while doing leg exercises. You might lie on it while doing ab exercises. A simple little toy, but boy can it work your muscles.

The picture in my previous post was of this little ball in its uninflated state. This little ball lives on top of some of my exercise DVDs.

I might also add that I have several other little barre balls, but none are quite like this one. Shh, don’t tell Mr. Ken about this latest toy. He already thinks I have too much exercise stuff. Although my attitude is that you can never have enough exercise stuff. I even wrote about my collection of balls, What do you collect? 🙂

And, in case you’re wondering the “P” logo is for Pure Barre, a barre company that produces killer workouts.

So, what mystery objects do you have lying around your house?