Another day in Cambridge

Posted on September 28, 2016


longfellow bridge

My consulting project started up this week, so I have been very busy. Here’s a view from the Longfellow Bridge, which runs from Kendall Square in Cambridge to Boston. It is also known as the “salt and pepper” bridge since the structures look like salt and pepper shakers. The picture I took was very dark, so here is a better picture, thanks to the Boston Globe. The little gold spec you see in the upper right corner is the gold dome of the Statehouse, which is on Beacon Hill.

For my work, I have frequent meetings in Harvard Square, Cambridge. I love to take the commuter rail to South Station and walk. It is about a 6 mile walk, but I get in my city fix. I walk through Beacon Hill, Kendall Square, Central Square and finally Harvard Square. This view is one of my favorites.

And yes, the Longfellow Bridge was named after Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. He frequently crossed this bridge to visit his paramour, Fanny Appleton. She rejected him for seven years then finally gave in and married him.

There is ongoing, or rather never-ending, construction work on this bridge.

Photo is from The Boston Globe.