What do you collect?

Posted on May 28, 2014


barre balls
I never thought of myself as a collector, that is until I took a look around my house and realized that I am indeed one. Crazy as it sounds, I collect little exercise balls, or rather balls used in barre. This wasn’t intentional; it just happened. For those of you wondering what the heck is barre? It’s derived from ballet and it’s name comes from the ballet barre that is used to help you keep your balance during the moves. The little exercise ball is used for toning; it’s a great way to work your legs and your core. Such an innocuous looking object can sure bring a lot of pain!

physique 57 ball
So I have my white Physique 57 ball, that came with the Physique 57 workouts. I only use it for Physique 57. This ball reminds me of my glory days in Manhattan, right after graduate school. I felt my whole future was ahead of me and there wasn’t anything I couldn’t accomplish. I loved that feeling and wish I could get it back. I do, a little bit, when I’m doing the Physique 57 workouts since they are filmed at Physique 57. I believe they started on 57th Street in Manhattan.

barre 3 ball
Um, this is exactly the same ball as the Physique 57 one, except it’s blue. This came with my Barre 3 workouts. So, I only use these with my Barre 3 workouts. This serves as a reminder that just to really focus on whatever I’m doing, workouts and all, to get really good results. I also use it for my Dream Body workouts.

purple ball
This is my bargain ball; I bought it at Walgreen’s for something like $1.50. I had lots of coupons, plus it was on sale. I love a bargain and I love all things purple, what can I say. This ball lives in the closet up in my office and I use this for my afternoon exercise that I do using YouTube videos.

yellow playground ball
Oh yes, I do need a 4th ball. This one was bought at CVS with coupons. The surface has little bumps to it’s easy to hold and doesn’t slip out from your legs like the smooth balls do. At least that is my theory. I have yet to try this ball. It lives in the closet with the purple ball.

In next week’s blog post, I will talk about Mr. Ken’s collection of computers. As a full-fledged nerd, his motto is “you can never have too many computers.” After all, what happens if one breaks. So the dear man has desk top, which he built himself. He also has a Toshiba laptop. I’m not sure of the rationale behind this one. A good friend of ours gave him another laptop as a thank for helping him with his new computer. This laptop is only a year old, so Mr. Ken couldn’t resist it. Finally, Mr. Ken has a tablet. It’s not an Apple, but it’s pretty cool This is also just because.

So, what have inadvertently collected over the years?

Barre ball photos courtesy of Mr. Ken, photographer extraordinaire. Before he started taking the pictures, I made him promise not to ask any questions about why I had four of these. πŸ™‚