Geek out

Posted on June 4, 2014


mr. ken as geek
I collect exercise balls and my dear husband collects computers. Here’s the story of his latest acquisition.

He volunteered to help, er rather, I volunteered him to help a friend set up his new computer. Since this set up took almost a full day, our friend gave Ken his old laptop as a thank you. I say old, but the laptop given to Ken was only one year old.

As soon as Mr. Ken finished with the computer set up and said good bye to our friend, he clutched the laptop and ran upstairs, all the while mumbling something about, “I need to defragment the disk and set up a scan.” Ooo, this sounds serious, but he said it with a smile on his face, so it couldn’t have been that serious.

I didn’t see him after that.

The next morning, he comes downstairs to my exercise room and said, “Success.” I’m thinking, “That’s nice, but success with what?” He went on to say that the first phase of the laptop revival was complete. I made the mistake of asking him about the next step. He replied, with a very serious look on his face, “I am thinking of getting an SSD for this computer. This will really help things.” I have vaguely heard of SSD since I seem to have a sticker on my processor box that says, “I love my SSD.” Don’t ask; this is what happens when a geek builds you a computer.

Later that afternoon, he seems to have disappeared, but I knew exactly where to find him. He is sitting in his office, in front of the new laptop. There seems to be all sorts of appendages sticking out the laptop. I asked him why. He replied, “Of course, I need a USB receiver there.” Um, okay. To me, a receiver is some vague football term.

The picture shows Mr. Ken, hard at work on his newest computer.Ā  No surprise, but the screen shows a laptop from New Egg, the quintessential geek website.Ā  Oh dear, I wonder if this means Mr. Ken is about to acquire yet another computer?

What about you?Ā  Do you have an inner personality?