My weekend

Posted on August 24, 2016


So here’s a picture diary of how I spent my weekend. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Gift time.

Mr. Ken was in Charleston, South Carolina visiting family. He returned bearing gifts.

cow bandana

This is just what everyone wants and needs – a bandana with cows and sport balls. Who says that Mr. Ken isn’t a romantic?
FYI – this is from the food chain, Chik-fil-A. Mr. Ken thinks that if he distracts me with a gift, I won’t interrogate him about why he went to a fast food place. Mr. Ken needs to think again. 🙂

facial packs

Now this is more like a gift; my dear mother-in-law knows I like beauty products, so she got me some facial packs. Mr. Ken – hint, hint!

chipmunk eating

2. Chipmunk time.

Early Saturday morning, halfway through my exercise, I happen to look out the side door and who do I see sitting there, but one of our beloved chipmunks! This one is named, “Peep.” He is very hungry and looking for food.

hat and bag

3. Walking time.

I love my morning walks. Who cares that I look like quite a character with my wide-brimmed hat and re-usable sack.

luther on netflix

4. Relaxing time.

Mr. Ken and I are hooked on Netflix, especially British dramas. Our latest obsession is the series, “Luther.” It is a bit too violent and gory for my taste, but the stories are good and the characters complex.

How do you spend your weekends?

All photos except the chipmunk one and the Luther one were taken with my trusty smartphone. Chipmunk photo is from Buzzle- what do chipmunks eat?.