Chipmunks=2; Mr. Ken=0

Posted on August 31, 2016


latest chipmunk toy

As most of you probably know, we have several chipmunks that we consider our “pets.” They come right up to us and eat out of our hands. Well one day, Mr. Ken happened to look out the front door to see if his beloved “Peep” had collected the peanut treats he had left out for him. But, alas! A piggy squirrel was busy gathering up the food. Well, this is war!

So Mr. Ken decided to get out the trap. For you animal lovers, never fear, it is a “have-a-heart” trap. And Mr. Ken traps the squirrels and relocates them to a wooded environment close by.

So Mr. Ken puts some peanut treats in the trap. The trap is designed so that an animal enters into the trap, takes the food from the little tray and WHAM! the door swings shut and the animal is trapped. Well, that may work for squirrels, but chipmunks view this as a new toy. They are so tiny and fast that they can gather up the food and make it out of the trap. They are so little, they don’t set off the door. This happened twice today. Notice the empty tray – peanut treats all gone!

So the score is now Chipmunks – 2 and Mr. Ken – 0.

You can’t beat chipmunks. 🙂