Joy in the simple things

Posted on August 17, 2016


knockout roses

I always smile when I see flowers. Mr. Ken planted some lovely red roses in our backyard and I can see them every time I come into the house. They make me smile. They are called Knockout Roses and they are hardy. Luckily bugs and worms don’t eat them. You may notice a wire fence around the roses – this is to keep little creatures out. 🙂

I have fond memories of my Dad attempting to grow roses and it seemed that he was out there every day, dusting the leaves so the bugs wouldn’t attack the roses. It was a losing battle.

cone flower stalks

Speaking of losing battles, we lost one with our Cone flowers. They are also supposed to be indestructible, but as you can see by the stalks, something got to them. We suspect it was the rabbits. It couldn’t have been our beloved chipmunks!

What simple things make you smile?