Vacation can be a state of mind

Posted on July 27, 2016


plymouth chipmunk

We all have choices on how we view a situation. Since this spring was a super busy one for me, we didn’t get a chance to plan a summer vacation. There are several ways I could see this:

1. I could be really depressed and upset that I didn’t get away for the summer.

2. I could be mad at myself for not planning something to do this summer.

3. I could choose to live every day with joy and gratitude.

Guess which option I chose?

This week, I made it a point to act like I was on vacation. For me this meant not getting up at the insane hour I usually do. I got up when I woke up and had some lovely leisurely mornings. Of course these mornings included lots of exercise and a healthy breakfast, but I wasn’t rushing off to appointments and the like. I still took my walks, but I made sure that I took different routes than I normally do. The afternoons were spent relaxing with a book. I am feeling very refreshed and renewed.

Of course, I spent lots of time with our beloved chipmunks. I even had them eating out of my hand!

It really is all about how we perceive a situation.

P.S. This picture doesn’t show one of our chipmunks, but rather a chipmunk living at my cousin’s house. Our chipmunks don’t stay still long enough to get their picture taken. They just love to sit in protected places and peek out on the world.