What gnats can teach us about life

Posted on August 3, 2016



Yes, you read that correctly – gnats. As my energy has slowly returned, I am on a mission to mix up my exercise routine. I decided to use my MP3 player and walk to music. I have several aerobic routines that were recorded by Sean O’Malley. (RIP – dear Sean, he has since left this world). I used to run to these recordings, but that doesn’t happen anymore.

Nothing gives me an endorphin rush like a brisk walk; I had forgotten about that.

So I set off early in morning to escape the heat. I let Sean’s soothing and encouraging voice take me on an aerobic journey. Yet, there are these annoying little gnats buzzing around my head. The next time I go out, I drench myself with DEET. Okay, so I know DEET is pure poison, but at least it should keep the gnats at bay. WRONG! Those crazy little bugs kept coming around. I swear, I had even more gnats buzzing around. Arghhh.

Now, as with many things in life, I have choices. I could choose to:

1. Cut my wallk short and give in to the gnats.

2. Wear a mesh around my head.

This may work, but I sure would get lots of stares. I am not quite ready for that.

3. Soldier on and try to ignore the gnats.

I chose to soldier on. This got me thinking about life. Of course, I was desperate to find ways to distract myself from the gnats. Hence this blog post was born.

So gnats can teach us a lot about life. What they can teach us:

1. Somethings you just can’t change.

You either learn to live with them or avoid them altogether. Avoidance comes with its own set of problems though.

2. Keep pushing on.

I am determined to find a bug spray that repels gnats. I am not willing to give up my early morning walks.

3. Remember that “this, too, shall pass.”

Eventually it will get cooler and the gnats will disappear to wherever gnats go to spend the cooler months.

At the end of my walk I feel so good and so accomplished, I don’t want to give that up.

Gnat photo is from Best ways to get rid of gnats.

Mmmm, I should take a closer look at this web page because maybe, just maybe, there is a solution to my gnat problem there!

Any suggestions on getting rid of gnats? I am open to trying anything.