Yet more fun in Cambridge

Posted on July 20, 2016


Okay, so here is yet(!) another blog post about my love of Cambridge. What can I say? I love Cambridge. I love it for so many reasons:

* It’s invigorating to walk through the different neighborhoods and just people watch.
* It has the energy of a city, without being overwhelming like Boston or Manhattan can be.
* It brings back such happy memories of being in grad school.

I was a poor, starving student, yet those were some of the best days of my life. I felt my whole life was ahead of me and that I could do anything!

cambridge flower shop window

This pretty window display caught my eye. I have fantasies of creating my own little window garden like this.

cambridge park thing

This interesting thing was in a Cambridge park, the sign invites people to turn the handle. When you do that, gears turn. Why? I don’t know, but it’s fun to “participate” in art. It kind of looks like an open-walled phone booth. πŸ™‚

cambridge street scene

Central Square in Cambridge is particularly interesting to me. There are lots of little, unique stores. Where else could you find a vegan pizza parlor? This scene struck me because it is quintessential Cambridge. Everyone rides bikes – there are even bike lanes down the main street. Who cares if there isn’t room for traffic, as long as there is room for bicyclists. That’s Cambridge for you. I also love the random art work. Note the wall mural in the corner. These art pieces seem to pop up out of nowhere.

cambridge tree shadows

Okay, now I am getting artsy with my little smartphone. I guess it’s the Cambridge influence or something. I happened to be looking down as I was walking and saw this interesting pattern of leaves and shadow.

What special place to you love to visit?

All pictures were taken with my trusty little smartphone. πŸ™‚