Targeted marketing – good or bad?

Posted on May 13, 2015


targeted marketingTargeted marketing is a process of identifying potential customers and promoting products and services via mediums that are most likely to reach those customers. Targeting is a marketing buzzword. I dislike buzzwords, heck I even dislike the word “buzzword.”When I did a search for images of “targeted marketing,” all the images showed a dart pointed into a target. Darts aren’t exactly warm and fuzzy things, which is very telling.

Those annoying display ads you see all the time on your computer is an example of targeted marketing. Companies use “cookies” to identify where you’ve been on the Internet and they tailor the ads based on your web searching habits.

So I peruse the Internet. As you can imagine, my display ads are usually exercise DVDs. I decided to branch out and look at some pretty Alex & Ani bracelets. I ended up ordering some of these bracelets.

Well for the next several weeks, guess what has been appearing in those display ads? The very same Alex & Ani bracelets. I’m over them. I searched for them and bought them. Now I’m on to something else. I have absolutely no interest in looking at the exact same bracelet that I just bought. It’s too bad Internet ads can’t be smarter and know that I’ve already bought a product. It would make more sense to show me similar items perhaps, like what Amazon does.

On second thought, it would be really creepy if the Internet knew I bought something.

I never, ever look at the display ads anyway, so it doesn’t matter to me what is showing on my computer. I have never bought anything based on what was showing up there.

What about you? What do you think of the display ads?

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