Tires or tools?

Posted on May 6, 2015

I had to get two new tires for my car. What did I do? Of course I asked Mr. Ken, the car guy, to help me. His words to me were “Toyo.” What? Is that short hand for Toyota? Nope, it’s a type of tire. Since small cars have small tires, the tires should be relatively inexpensive. But relative is in the eye of the beholder. For the price of two tires, I could have completely re-stocked my exercise DVD library.

Since Mr. Ken was nice enough to do all the legwork for the tires, I went with him to the tire place. Even before we got out of the car, his eyes lit up since right next to the tire place was a tool place. I was afraid he was going to run into the tool place and leave me to deal with the tire guys. Ack, this is definitely a man’s territory.

harbor freight tools

In the tool place, Mr.Ken was like a little kid in a candy store. He slowly wandered up and down every aisle. I amused my self by trying to find something pink in the tool store. Something, anything. I succeeded. This is construction string. I have no idea what that is, it just looks like pretty pink string to me.

pink construction string

I also found some cute little tires. I have no idea what these are used for, toy trucks perhaps?

tiny tire

Mr. Ken was happy because he found some neat stuff. I thought he had an entire collection of paint brushes downstairs, but he claims he doesn’t have this particular brush. I can’t say much since my exercise DVD collection seems to be growing exponentially by the week. The tarp is a camouflage pattern. It looks like he is about to do some sort of military exercise, but I am afraid to ask him about it. 🙂

mr. ken and his tools

So my questions for you this week:

1. What the heck is construction string?
2. What will Mr. Ken do with a camouflage tarp?
3. Why are tires for small cars so expensive?