Reflections on the workplace today

Posted on April 29, 2015


I attended one of my fun marketing seminars the other day. It was held in an office near the North End of Boston. It’s a cool place. As I was sitting in the conference room, I watched as the employees came into work.

This is what I saw:

young people on bikes
Well maybe the employees weren’t quite this young, but they did look young. 🙂

millenial on bike

another millenial on bike

I guess these guys live close enough to bike to work. How fun. Except, I would think they take their lives in their hands by biking in Boston. The drivers are crazy! At least if you’re in another car, you have some metal to protect you.

I blinked and saw this:

millenial with dog

I had to blink again to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Did I just see a young woman walk by with a little dog on a leash?

I contrast this with the scene when I was working in an office.

woman in navy suit

cubicle jungle

My have times have changed. 🙂

I had to get pictures from the web to illustrate my points. I think if I jumped up from my seminar and started taking pictures, I would have had some strange looks thrown my way.

What is your office like?


Young people:
Millenial 1 on bike:
Millenial 2 on bike:
Millenial with dog:
Woman in suit: old website called pinstripeandpearls
Cubicle jungle: