Adventures in healthy eating

Posted on July 30, 2014


I am on a constant quest to eat healthy. Alas, it is not easy, given the siren call of Dairy Queen Blizzards and my new favorite indulgence, salted caramel frozen yogurt. But I try.

I am excited to receive some pretty interesting food products for review on Amazon. I am having a blast trying them out. I am even finding my inner Martha Stewart, as I attempt some recipes. Of course, dear Mr. Ken is a bit nervous since he knows that cooking is not one of my talents. All these wonderful products are thanks to Viva Labs.

Here are just a few of the new food items I am trying:

raw cacoa
1. Raw Cacoa Powder.

I know that dark chocolate is good for you. I don’t like dark chocolate; it’s too bitter. Give me milk chocolate any day! This raw cacoa powder is loaded with anti-oxidants and it’s very smooth. I love mixing it in with my vanilla protein shake that I drink post-workout. It’s like having a candy bar! This chocolate comes from the cacoa tree. Over the years, the spelling morphed into cocoa. Somehow it just seems healthier to spell it as “cacoa.”

chia seeds
2. Chia Seeds.

I always smile when I eat chia seeds since I think of those goofy chia pet commercials. I wonder if you you planted these seeds if you would get a chia pet? Anyway, these are easy to mix into my oat bran in the morning. Β I need something very quick and easy, since I’m making breakfast at 4:30 am and I am half asleep. No blender or sharp objects for me!

coconut sugar
3. Coconut Sugar.

Did someone say sugar? For a person with a wicked sweet tooth, this is heaven. I have tried agave syrup, but I don’t really like the taste; I much prefer maple syrup. Okay, so basically sugar is sugar is sucrose, but there is something about sugar that is brown in color that makes is seem healthier. This tasty tidbit has a nice rich caramel flavor. As a matter of fact, I don’t need very much to sweeten my coffee or cereal. That counts for something, right?

maca powder
4. Maca Powder.

What the heck is this? All I know is that it was eaten by the Mayans. But, as Mr. Ken likes to remind me, “We all know what happened to them.” It has anti-oxidant properties, helps achieve hormonal balance (whatever that means) and is a natural energizer. As I try to cut down of coffee, this appeals to me.

coconut flout
5. Coconut Flour.

Okay, this is where my real Martha Stewart comes out. I can’t just mix this in with my oat bran. Well, I guess I could, but that would just make a gooey mess. I must bake or make something. There is a nice recipe for oat bran muffins that I could try. Mr. Ken loves muffins even more than donuts. Shhh. don’t tell him that the muffins will be made with all sorts of healthy stuff!

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