Are you a Facebook fan?

Posted on March 20, 2013


facebook fanI love how my blog ideas come to me through my everyday activities. This post came out of a simple question from my husband, “Do you hit “like” for Facebook Fan pages?”

My first response was, “No way, I have no interest in big companies and their products. They only want me to “like” their pages so they can gather my personal data and then force ads on me. It has nothing to do with making a personal connection with me.

On second thought, I realized that there are several company pages that I like:

Utimate Yogi – This yoga series literally changed my life. I want to support Travis Eliot, the creator. Plus, I love being a part of a community of fellow yoga enthusiasts.

Cathe – aka Cathe Friedrich, my fitness idol. She’s the one who got me into strength training.

Yes, these are “fan pages,” but it’s really the person that I love.

The good:

* a community of like-minded enthsiasts
* a real sense of personal connection to the business owner

The not so good:

* I had joined several Beachbody pages, but I was getting inundated with messages from so-called Beachbody coaches, trolling for clients and looking to sell Beachbody products. Yes, they were legitimate people, but with a selling agenda.

What about you? Are you a fan of any Facebook pages?

This descriptive Facebook “like” icon is courtesty of Toodlepip’s Flickr Photostream, under Creative Commons Licensing.