Five MORE content mistakes and how to fix them

Posted on February 8, 2011


good content marketing
Here are the last 5 of the Top 10 Mistakes in Content Marketing and How to Fix Them. These are thanks to Joe Pulizzi, Executive Director of Content Marketing Institute and co-author of “Get Content, Get Customers.” Joe talked about content and how it fits into your marketing strategy. He also spoke about some common mistakes and how to fix them. This webinar was sponsored by Awareness Networks, a provider of social media marketing software.


The last 5 mistakes and how to fix them:

6. Not leveraging your own employees.

There may not be a need to hire more people or to outsource your content marketing. Look within your company for talent.

Fix: Look within your company for talent. After all, who knows your company and products better than your employees?

7. People will magically engage your content.

Setting up a Facebook Fan page or a Twitter account is not enough. You need to find out where your customers hang out online.

Fix: Be where your customers are! Read what they’re saying, get involved in their discussions, answer their questions.

8. Your content has no owner.

You don’t have anyone accountable for the content.

Fix: You need to assign an owner. This person doesn’t necessarily create all the content, but he’ll be responsible for making sure content gets created per the schedule. He’ll also be responsible for making sure that inquiries are addressed.

9. You don’t have content experience.

If you don’t have the in-house expertise to create engaging content, then hire someone who does.

Fix: Hire a free-lance writer or hire a content agency. Just be sure that your content is professional.

10. You don’t have C-level support for content marketing.

If the Senior Management of your company isn’t on board with your content marketing, it will fail.

Fix: Inclued Senior Management in the loop and make sure they’re supporting you.

I’d love to hear of other content mistakes and suggestions on how to fix them.