Consistency is a key to success

Posted on February 15, 2011



We all want to know the keys to success. There are many and consistency is one of them. I will be posting to my blog at least weekly this year. This isn’t ground breaking news since I’ve been doing pretty much that for the past year. What is different about this is that I’m going public with my goals.

Why post weekly?

1. It encourages discipline.

I’m still struggling with spending way too much time on mindless Internet activities. Knowing that I have a schedule to meet will help keep me focused. I also love the sense of accomplishment I feel after posting.

2. Practice makes perfect.

As with any skill, the more you do it, the better you will become at it. I love to write, but there’s always room for improvement.

3. Community support and involvement.

There’s a whole community of bloggers here at that are doing the 2011 Post a Week challenge. Here are all their Post a Week 2011 posts.

If you’d like to be a part of the Post a Week 2011 challenge, it’s easy. All you have to do is add the postaweek2011 tag to your WordPress posts and you’re in!

There is also a Post a Day 2011 challenge, if you’re really into writing. I’d love to do that challenge, but my life just isn’t all that interesting that I could find something meaningful to write about every day.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether you think that being consistent can make you successful.

Photo courtesy of tanakawho’s photostream under Creative Commons Licensing.