LinkedIn vs. Facebook – where to start?

Posted on February 11, 2010


linkedin vs facebook

Where should you focus your energies? You need a presence on both LinkedIn and Facebook if you want to be credible online.

If you’re a job seeker or just thinking about a career move, you should start with LinkedIn. Crafting your LinkedIn profile and tag line will help you to crystallize your professional qualifications.

Why LinkedIn?

  1. Focus is professional
  2. Navigation is easy
  3. Privacy controls are easy to set
  4. Added applications are all professional, no sheep launchers or Farmville animals to be found. No annoyance factor like on Facebook.
  5. Company and people research very easy
  6. Question & Answer section is a good place to learn something or to showcase your own knowledge
  7. Groups feature gives you chances to interact with others with similar interests
  8. Personal recommendations allow you to further showcase your abilities
  9. Ability to see how many people have viewed your profile.

LinkedIn Shortfalls

  1. Purely professional, you can’t really let your true personality shine through. You can list your outside interests on your profile, but that’s about it.
  2. Profile picture is only picture allowed.

Why Facebook?

In a word – reach!

According to , a site that ranks and provides analytics for websites:

  Facebook LinkedIn
Alexa ranking #2 #32
# of Members 350 mill  55 mill
Sites linking in 668,000  117,000
Time spent on site  30 min.  7 min.
Pageviews per user 15 10

Facebook is the #2 ranked website in the world! It is second only to Google. Facebook has almost 7 times as many members as LinkedIn. People spend over 4 times as long on Facebook (30 minutes vs. 7 minutes for LinkedIn).  People are more active on Facebook.

Anecdotal evidence for my blog, Facebook drives 10 times the traffic than does LinkedIn.  And I have 4 times as many connections on LinkedIn.   From the statistics above I can see why that is so.

So in summary, start with LinkedIn for your professional profile. Once your LinkedIn profile is more or less complete, start building your Facebook one.

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