Facebook Fan Pages vs. Facebook Groups

Posted on February 1, 2010


facebook fan pages vs groupsfacebook fan pages or groups?

Have you ever wondered about the difference between a Facebook Fan Page and a Facebook Group? It can be confusing.


The Facebook definition of Fan Page:

“[Fan pages are a way to] create a presence that looks and behaves like user profiles to connect and engage with your customers and amplify your voice to their friends.”

Fan pages are typically used for brands, businesses, bands and movies. Fan pages are better for larger entities and there is no limit to the number of fans.

Fan pages:

  • are listed on your wall when you become a fan of a page
  • are indexed by search engines
  • are visible on your profile to everyone; you don’t have to be in Facebook to see this information on someone’s profile
  • communicate via fans through status updates, not direct messages to your Facebook inbox
  • do not publicly list the administrators
  • have analytics.

    The Wikipedia definition of a Facebook Group:

    “Groups are a way of enabling a number of people to come together online to share information and discuss specific subjects. They are increasingly used by clubs, companies and public sector organizations to engage with stakeholders.”

    You can think of Facebook groups as similar to LinkedIn Groups or to clubs in the offline world. They’re best for more personal interaction that is centered around a particular cause. If a group has less than 5,000 members, personal emails can be sent to the members.


  • are not indexed by search engines and don’t show up on your public profile
  • communicate with members is via private email to Facebook inbox
  • publicly list administrators
  • do not have analytics.

    Both Fan pages and Group pages look very similar to an individual’s page.

    Both Fan pages and Groups have:

  • wall posts
  • friend lists
  • event creation and management.
  • In summary, businesses should set up Fan pages and clubs/associations should set up Groups.

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