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Social media faux pas

April 4, 2018


Okay, so social media is here to stay. But it seems it is degenerating into quick hits. A few recent experiences got me thinking about how little thought we put into what we say on social media. 1. Why connect. I’m a big LinkedIn user, since it is more for professional use. I am always […]

What is your perfect day?

February 27, 2013


Let me make you think a bit more – what is your perfect work day? We all could easily come up with our perfect vacation. I’m blessed that I love my life and my work, so I can also come up with my perfect work day. As a matter of fact, this day occurred just […]

10 Quick and Easy Content Ideas

March 28, 2012


Even the most creative among us get writer’s block sometimes. Effective marketing is all about creating valuable and interesting content. Here are some quick ideas to jump start your content marketing. 1. First and foremost, mix things up! If you usually write something, do a video instead. If the thought of filming a video leaves […]

3 Fatal Social Media Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

January 19, 2012


  We’re all into social media now – even the baby boomers like myself. I must be getting crankier in my old age because social media is really starting to annoy me. Or should I say certain actions in social media are very annoying. My top 3 annoyances in social media: 1. Asking your network […]

How to enhance your strategic thinking

December 2, 2010


I had the pleasure of hearing a panel of successful technology entrepreneurs share how they have strengthened their strategic thinking skills and these strategic skills contributed to their success. This panel was part of The Successful You 2010 Women’s Leadership Forum. The panel: Maria Cirino – Founder, .406 Ventures Emily Nagle Green – President and […]

I just don’t get this Twitter thing

August 25, 2010


Tweet, tweet. Twitter terms are cute, but so what? I’ve read a lot about how to use Twitter effectively, but I still don’t get it. I just don’t care for hourly updates, even from experts. I mean, no one can be THAT interesting all the time. I try to practice good Twitter etiquette. If someone […]

Why everyone needs Social Media

July 28, 2010


You can’t escape it, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are everywhere. Think you can ignore it all? Think again. Here are 5 Reasons why you need Social Media: 1. Define your online presence. The first thing anyone will do before meeting you is to Google you. You want to have some control over what they see. […]

Best ways to learn social media

June 28, 2010


It’s pretty easy to set up profiles in most social media sites. This is both a blessing and a curse. People not comfortable with technology usually like step-by-step instructions on what to do. This is not the best way to approach social media. A recent blog post by a colleague, Josh Waldman, Social Media Cannot […]

7 biggest mistakes in social media and how to avoid them

April 16, 2010


It’s easy to get started with Social Media. That is both a curse and a blessing. Too many people jump into the fray without much thought. Here are the 7 biggest mistakes you can make and how to avoid them. 1. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. What […]

Facebook Fan Pages vs. Facebook Groups

February 1, 2010


  Have you ever wondered about the difference between a Facebook Fan Page and a Facebook Group? It can be confusing. FACEBOOK FAN PAGES The Facebook definition of Fan Page: “[Fan pages are a way to] create a presence that looks and behaves like user profiles to connect and engage with your customers and amplify […]