Best Facebook applications for personal branding

Posted on February 22, 2010

facebook applications for personal branding




My goal was to write a post about the best Facebook applications for personal branding. I quickly learned that the list was a very short one!

I started with the Mashable blog post: 30+ Apps for Doing Business on Facebook. As I dug further into the more interesting apps on the list, I discovered that most of these apps had a lot fewer users than the top two applications. (See the chart below).

The two most promising apps were ones for blog promotion:

  • Networked Blog app – helps you promote your own blog on Facebook. This shows up on your profile and within your Boxes tab.
  • Social RSS – this promotes your blog or business via RSS feed. This can show up on your profile, within your Boxes tab, or as a separate tab.

*Note: The Boxes tab is where any Facebook applications you’ve added will show up. If you haven’t added any applications, you won’t see a Boxes tab.

Some applications that looked promising:

  • Testimonials – a way to gather testimonials. It’s limited because you can’t do a search of businesses.
  • Professional Profile – allows you to create a tab for professional activities.
  • My LinkedIn Profile – provides you with a badge that you can display on your Facebook profile.

However, when I took a look at the number of users and fans, I wasn’t convinced. Networked Blogs and Social RSS both have over 10 times the number of users than these other applications. Facebook has a user base of over 350 million and I think it’s very telling that these applications don’t have many users. Plus, these applications were given low ratings.

App #Users #Fans Rating(1-5 stars)
Networked Blogs 935,000 113,000 4
Social RSS 416,000 7241 2.3
Testimonials 57,141 2693 2.3
Professional Profile 31,492 2387 2.4
my LinkedIn Profile 10,918 2359 2.8

To summarize, I would recommend using the Networked Blog application for personal branding and promoting your blog, but stick to other sites like LinkedIn, for more robust personal branding.