It’s kayak time – yay!

Posted on May 17, 2023


I am so happy that it is kayak time. For the past two years, our kayaking has been limited. In 2021 I had shoulder surgery, so no kayaking that season. In 2022, Mr. Ken broke his wrist, so our kayaking started late.

God willing, we will have no injuries this year and will get in lots of kayaking.

Here are our boats, all ready to go.


We name them. From left to right they are: Bluebird, Goldfinch and Little Red. The one hanging is Bumble Bee.

As kayak fanatics, of course we have two sets of kayaks. Goldfinch and Little Red are our river kayaks. The rivers can be rocky and rocks can scratch the bottoms. Bluebird and Bumblebee are our pond kayaks. We only use these when we know the water is completely clear.

What are you looking forward to this season?