Coronation Party

Posted on May 10, 2023


So, did you guys watch the coronation of King Charles III? As an American, I really don’t get the idea of a monarchy. I couldn’t see myself bowing to anyone, even a king or queen. That being said, I am quite the Anglophile and love all things British, including the monarchy. I told myself that I would just watch a bit of the coronation. Hah, 3 hours later I was still glued to the tv.

Our little guys loved watching the whole thing too.

king charles coronation

It was fun hearing the commentators talk about all the celebrations in the U.K. I was especially interested in learning about the Sunday fun. Towns and villages all across the U.K. had block parties with all sorts of food.

Our guys had their own version of a coronation party. Of course they drank tea!

coronation tea

Toby wished there were sweets to go along with their tea. Perhaps even a coronation cake. He loved seeing the treats put out by Hetty’s Bakery, of Bedford England.

coronation cookies

Did you watch the coronation? If so, what did you think?