Eek – a mouse!

Posted on March 8, 2023


cute mouse

So Mr. Ken inspects our basement every day. He claims he is looking for leaks, but I think he is eating donuts down there. The other day he comes back upstairs and says that there is some crumbling wall near the furnace. He thinks there may be a mouse living in the walls. Eek!

Mr. Ken then sets up a mouse trap. The only thing scarier than a live mouse is a dead one in a trap.

I love chipmunks and I think chipmunks and mice are closely related. I don’t know what it is that I find so scary about mice.

My exercise room is in the basement. Since I am mortally afraid of mice, this may mean I can’t use my room. Mmm, I wonder if Mr. Ken would mind if I set up all my exercise equipment in the family room?

exercise equipment

So what about you, how do you feel about mice?

Cute mouse picture is courtesy of Pixabay.