The people around us

Posted on February 8, 2023



In all of my exercise classes, the instructor gently urges us to “be in the present moment.” Yes, even the instructors for the more strenuous sessions say this. I understand the concept, but the execution can be challenging.

I find it easy to be in the moment if I am out in nature, or if I am doing some relaxing yoga. When I am out and about doing errands, it is hard. When I am grocery shopping it is especially hard, since this is one chore I don’t enjoy. A recent experience taught me the importance of being in the moment even at the store.

I was in Trader Joe’s, my favorite food store. I actually enjoy shopping there. I love the interesting food and the friendly cashiers. I was checking out and was lucky to have Bruce as my cashier. I love Bruce. His simple act of kindness a few years ago still is with me. A few years ago, Bruce asked me how I was and I mentioned that this was my first time out since my surgery. He was so kind. He even went over to the florist section and got me a pretty flower bouquet, just because.

The store wasn’t too busy, so Bruce and I got to talking. It turns out Bruce is a musician, he works at Trader Joe’s to earn money. He and his band go around to nursing homes and play for the folks. All gratis.

We ended up having the most interesting conversation about spreading kindness. It made may day.

How can you slow down and notice the people and places around you?

Kindness photo is courtesy of Kate Ter Haar Flickr.