Super Bowl alternatives

Posted on February 15, 2023


football kitten

I am not a football fan. Even when the New England Patriots played in the Super Bowl, I just couldn’t get into it. I suppose I enjoyed football when I was a cheerleader (way back in my junior high school days.) But even then, I couldn’t grasp the concept. We had this neat cheer we would do whenever a 1st down happened. Except we had no clue what that meant so we ended up doing our cheer even when the opposing team scored a 1st down. Oops.

So the Super Bowl is an American institution. Many people gather to eat lots of food and to cheer for their favorite teams. As a person who is always watching what I eat, the Super Bowl party food doesn’t interest me. I did read a fun tip about staying healthy even at a Super Bowl party. Whenever there was an ad, one could do jumping jacks or pushups. Hah, I don’t think that would win me any friends at a party.

I used to watch the Super Bowl for the ads. But that meant I had to sit through the actual playing of football. But now, one can watch the ads on YouTube. Guess what I do? To keep things even simpler, here are the best Super Bowl ads: opinion of best Super Bowl ads.


And it gets even better. There is the Puppy Bowl, which shows adorable dogs doing dog tricks. What could be cuter? This year’s Puppy Bowl will be available to watch on Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and TBS. Don’t have cable? No problem. You can also stream this year’s Puppy Bowl with HBO Max or Discovery+. The Puppy Bowl isn’t just for fun and cuteness though. These adorable creatures are waiting to be adopted. Here’s some highlights: Puppy Bowl 2023. Aren’t these little guys just too cute for words? And they are much more interesting to watch than watching 300 pound men jump on each other. 🙂


Which are cuter? Puppies or kittens? It’s a toss up. There is even a Kitten Bowl 2023. These adorable little creatures are also waiting to be adopted. Here are the highlights: Kitten Bowl 2023.

So how do you watch the Super Bowl?

Killer kitten football picture is courtesy of Online Marketing Institute.