The view from a window

Posted on February 1, 2023


It’s amazing what you notice when you slow down and really pay attention to your surroundings. Mr. Ken and I live in a suburb of Boston. It is a very nice suburb but, like most of the surrounding areas, it is quite built up, with not a lot of green space. Mmm, I think that is why we love Vermont so much; there is plenty of open space.

Mr. Ken recently put out two bird feeders, one filled with bird seed and the other filled with suet. It has been so much fun to watch all the different birds enjoy the food. We even named several of them. Just like we name our chipmunks.

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal

mr and mrs cardinal

One of the prettiest birds is the male cardinal. Mrs. Cardinal isn’t bad to look at either.

ZZ Top

zz top

This bird, aka downy woodpecker, is quite the hit. He loves to just sit on the suet bird feeder, watching his surroundings.

Big Red

big red

This bird, aka red-bellied woodpecker, is quite large and just loves the suet. He can go through a suet block in a few days!

Birds are not the only creatures attracted to the food. We have several squirrels as well.

Poindexter and Eloise


This cute pair has been around for a few years. They are always together. Even though male and female squirrels look alike, we can tell which one is Poindexter, since he always seems to be bothering, er chasing, Eloise.

Crazy Eddie

crazy eddie

We even have a squirrel that moves to his own beat. He doesn’t run around the yard like most squirrels, he does somersalts across the lawn.

What sights do you see from your windows?

Big Red image is from Wikipedia – Red-bellied Woodpecker