Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Posted on October 12, 2022


We took a hike around our favorite place in Vermont, Lowell Lake State Park. We can walk to this beautiful area from where we were staying.

So we are out hiking and we come upon a paw print in the mud. Mr. Ken says he thinks it’s bear paw. Except we keep seeing these prints all along the trail. Somehow, I don’t think a bear would be walking calmly along the hiking trail.

dog paw print

We then see a human shoe print too, so unless a human had a pet bear, it was probably someone and his dog. (Note: I didn’t think to capture this moment, so I had to use a stock photo that shows human prints and dog prints so you get the idea.)

footprint and dog print

And here is Mr. Ken, the intrepid hiker. 🙂

ken at lowell lake

What wild animals have you come across on your hikes?

Dog paw prints are courtesy of Graham King, under WordPress Openverse licensing.

Shoe print and dog print is courtesy of Patrick Hoesly, under WordPress Openverse licensing.