All roads lead to cheese

Posted on October 5, 2022


We had a rainy day one day in Vermont so we decided to take a road trip to Grafton, the home of the famous Grafton Village Cheese Company. We had quite the adventure getting there!

We took Route 121, which sounds like a major road. Well, it was a dirt road, albeit a beautiful one. There is something enchanting about being close to nature in the rain.

country dirt road

We did have some traffic though. A big family of wild turkeys was not too happy that we were interrupting their stroll.

wild turkeys in road

We finally made it to Grafton and it was worth the trip. It is a classic New England town. The Grafton Inn is at the town center.

grafton inn

And the cheese, yum!

grafton vt cheese

Where have you traveled lately?

Image of dirt road is courtesy of Pexabay.

Wild turkey photo is courtesy of Marion Doss under Openverse license 2.0.