Dumplings anyone?

Posted on September 28, 2022


No, this won’t be a post about food. Rather, it is all about a fabulous hike that Mr. Ken and I had at Jamaica State Park in Vermont. It was a wonderful, early fall day and the sun was streaming through the trees.

The trail follows the West River, which had been used for thousands of years by Native Americans. They traveled the river by canoe and it was a major transportation route between the Connecticut River and Lake Champlain. (For those unfamiliar with Vermont, Jamaica State Park is in Southern Vermont and Lake Champlain is way, way up there in Northern Vermont.)

The trail goes along an old railroad bed, that was used in the 1800’s to connect the towns of Brattleboro and South Londonderry Vermont. The railroad was not a success since floods and storms took quite the toll. Locals used to call it “36 miles of trouble.”

As we are walking along, we smell bacon! Yum. Camping is also allowed here and someone is cooking up a delicious breakfast. Hah, I am trying to focus on nature, but now all I can think of is bacon.

The river is rocky and along one part, there are large boulders, affectionately called, “the Dumplings.” You can see why.

jamaica park dumplings

And here is yours truly, walking along the trail. The sun is shining on the water and it is so peaceful and beautiful.

nancy at jamaica park

Since we went on a weekday, before peak foliage season, it wasn’t too busy. The people we did meet on the trail were super nice and friendly. We even made friends with some cute dogs!

We can’t wait to come back next time we are in Vermont.

What interesting hikes have you had lately?