Finding my inner artist

Posted on April 27, 2022


decorated peeps

So Mr. Ken and I came home from our weekly hike and I was excited to see two packages from Amazon awaiting us. Mr. Ken looked at me and said, “What did you order from Amazon this time?” I replied, “Um, I can’t remember.” And then Mr. Ken gave me another look. You all know that look when your spouse/partner says something that may make no sense.

Momentarily I thought that this is a sign that I am ordering too much stuff from Amazon. Hey, we all do that, especially during the Pandemic. Well, everyone except Mr. Ken. He doesn’t buy into the “retail therapy” thing.

It turns out that my friend Harriet sent me a Peep decorating kit. She knows I love Peeps. I couldn’t wait to find my inner artist. The next day, I excitedly opened the kit. Since I did this before lunch, I was hungry, so it was very hard not to eat the Peeps or the decorations before I had finished.

I made two little flower Peeps, a cool Peep with sunglasses and flip flops and a mustachioed Peep. And I don’t think that I will be pursuing a cake decorating career anytime soon.

It has been said that we all have a creative side. I definitely think that some of us are more creative than others. As for me, well, I am more of an analytical type. Way back in high school, one of the personality/career tests I took said that my top 3 careers would be:

*Army drill sergeant

*Gym teacher


These are not the most exciting careers one could choose, but given the type of work I have gravitated toward, they are pretty accurate.

What have you done to feed your inner artist?