Reflections during a hike

Posted on April 6, 2022


Mr. Ken and I are very happy that we are able to enjoy nature at our favorite lake. During the Pandemic, it was too crowded, but now it is not. Yay.

Unfortunately Mr. Ken recently broke his wrist and he has to wear a brace. At least it is not a cast. To his credit, he still wanted to go for a hike last week. We had lots of fun.

Mr. Ken has to be very careful that he doesn’t trip and fall, so we were walking very slowly and carefully. At first, I was thinking about how this trip wasn’t really a hike, but more of a stroll through the woods. But then I quickly realized that that is just fine. It was a nice day; we were in one of our favorite places; and most importantly we were up and moving.

While out on our hike, we met some very friendly dogs. We met two beautiful labs and one adorable black pug. We spent about 20 minutes petting and playing with the dogs. It was very calming. The pug was just so cute, I wanted to take her home with me!

brown lab

What cuteness have you observed today?

Brown lab dog image is courtesy of World of Animal Welfare under Openverse license.

Black pug puppy image is courtesy of Reza Shahmoradi Unsplash Photos.