Planning a trip with Mr. Ken

Posted on September 15, 2021


So Mr. Ken and I have decided to venture away from our house, where we have been “hiding” since the Pandemic started. Later this fall, we are going to Vermont! Vermont is one of our favorite places.

When I plan a trip I Google things like:

  • Best places to hike.
  • Best places to walk.
  • Best places to shop.
  • Interesting healthy food restaurants.
  • Scenic drives.
vermont hike

Once I have my list of places, I work up a schedule for what we should visit when. Not that I want every minute planned. After all, a vacation is supposed to be relaxing. But, I want to have a general idea of what we’re doing each day. Plus, not everything is open every day.

Since this trip will be mostly outdoor activities, you would think I would be nervous about the weather. What happens if it rains? In this case, I’m not worried. I would be happy just sitting in our rental place reading a good book. It will be good to stare at a different set of walls than the ones in our house.

When Mr. Ken plans a trip, he Googles things like:

  • Best restaurants.
  • Best pastry shops.
  • Best electronics stores. (Okay, so I am kidding about this last one.)
yummy pastries

Once Mr. Ken has his places, he is done. He is more of a “go with the flow” person.

But somehow, it always comes together and we have a fabulous trip!

How do you and your partner plan a trip?

Vermont hiking trail photo is courtesy of Mike Dunn under Creative Commons licensing.

Yummy pastry photo is courtesy of Lovisa Lagerqvist under Creative Commons licensing.